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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anti-aging skincare products

Over the years companies have been creating and improving upon skincare treatments to best determine how to make individual's skin younger looking, more supple and healthier. Skin Care Natural specializes in anti-aging products and has the Klapp Skin Care system.

The Klapp Skin Care has C Pure products that are enriched with large amounts of vitamin C, which is known to promote brighter skin and is added to creams, cleansers and tonics that are applied directly to skin and evenly dispersed for maximum effect. Klapp also produces a Caviar Power collection that incorporates the anti-aging properties of caviar DNA, which is touted as being able to deliver collagen and moisture to sagging and aging skin.

With those things in mind, those concerned with the condition of their skin and interested in utilizing premium products should try out Klapp Caviar Power Serum, the Klapp Caviar Power Eye Care or the Klapp Caviar Power Anti-Aging Gift Set.

The set includes the Caviar Power Serum with a choice between the Caviar Power Face Cream in the daytime or nighttime variety and the Caviar Power Cleanser. These products include the vitamins, proteins and phospholipids that specifically help aging skin to look young again.

This set normally retails for $364 and is available for $247 at Skin Care Natural. That's a price that, when compared to the effects and benefits of the products, is worth the investment for the diehard skincare loving sect.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Uh... I have no idea...

My mind is numb.

I must admit that I don't really feel like blogging right now, but I do so want to talk to you. Yes, you - my dear blogging friends. I've missed you and it's only been four days. It feels like 40. I'm not going to get caught up in saying anything that could be deemed inappropriate to employers and in this particular position (government job) as a Be Counted Clerk (I was given the incorrect title when I got the phone call) I'm not supposed to talk to the media. {GIGGLE.} When they told us this I said, "So this means I can't write about the job on my blog."

"Uh, no... no blogging about it."


I am exhausted.

This has been a very interesting four days and I have discovered that my reasoning for wanting to make my work-at-home business successful is valid. Physically, I am unsure of how long I can do this. I've even taken a nap late this afternoon and I have barely been able to function this evening. If you're familiar with "my story" then you know that chronic pain and exhaustion are my friends (enemies?) and I'm prone to attacks. I'm hoping an attack isn't coming 'cause I need the weekend to do the dishes, finish the laundry, clean the house and every other number of things that I'm sure you know about it.

My body is throbbing... what do I do? I'm a little discouraged knowing that I'm getting behind on other things and not sure I can get through this assignment, which may end on or about May 1st. I hope some energy or something kicks in and this entire post will be irrelevant. For now, just know that I'm wishing I didn't have to be away, but I'm not sure I can get everything done so something has to suffer. Unfortunately, it's more than likely going to be blogging, housework and whatever else will suffer but not die.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glimpse into the coming week

Last week when I gave you a little update I eluded to a temporary, part-time job. Well, I begin that tomorrow. Am I excited? Yea, kind of. What will I be doing? I'll be an office clerk for the Census Bureau. Before you leave a comment about my apparent lack of excitement; let me give you a little perspective.
  1. Virgo's are resistant to change.
  2. I've never been the single parent of four children and worked outside of the home.
  3. I'll now have to pay after school fees and daycare costs, and I'm hoping it'll be worth it.
  4. To follow up on #3, it's additional gas money needed and there's no paycheck on the first day! LOL.
  5. To follow up on #3 and #4, I only have one business casual outfit and wondering what I'll do about that...
  6. I'm nervous that my body and my medical issues will "act up" with the new, intense schedule.
  7. I'm concerned about taking care of all my responsibilities and things going on (wish I could share it all here).

I'm just nervous, I understand that, but in addition to that I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things. And I'm excited about doing something different. Overall, I'm hoping that the entire experience, which I think will last about three months, will be positive for me and the children.

Okay, no more stalling (my nervousness is interrupting my productivity), I have to get ready for the week. There is laundry to wash and put away, outfits to iron, rooms to clean, dishes to wash, an errand to run and a writing assignment to complete. Oh, yea, and Andre has a project due tomorrow so we have to finish that.

I guess I better get started. If you don't see me much this week then you know why. Hopefully, I will get into an easy flow with the new schedule and accomplish everything I need to and most of what I want to.

What are your plans this week? Can you believe it's March already?
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