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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mini moments

A couple of days have been quite a blur, but here are a few moments that I clearly remember:
  • I had a Lean Cuisine for dinner... I'm still hungry.
  • The sound of my son's voice as he reads a few pages of a book to me. HE CAN READ!
  • My youngest daughter's little arm wrapped around my neck.
  • News of getting a temporary, part-time job.
  • The V-Day gift my oldest sent me - body cream from Body Shop - made my day 'cause you know I'm addicted to bath and body products.
  • Close to finalizing the details with a new client!
  • Mending my memory, fueling my spirit, resting my body and nourishing my creativity.
 What have you been up to?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Minivan conversations

If you're a parent then you know how much children can talk so I don't need to expound on that fact. You also probably know that they can say the funniest, silliest and most amazing things at times. Sometimes, when I'm not daydreaming or tuning them out, I "eavesdrop." Today their conversation covered just about every topic. My son Andre and my middle daughter, Amareah, were talking about something that she used to have and I suppose Andre felt the need to explain to Anna, the youngest, what they were talking about.

Andre, 6: You were born yet, Anna. (Yes, he said "were.")

Anna, 2: Oh.

Andre: You were still in mommy's tummy.

Amareah, 5: Yea.

Anna: Oh.

Andre: Babies get milk from mommies' tummies.

Anna: (Looks blank.)

Normally, I let the children have their conversations without interrupting, but there are some times when I can't resist.

Mommy: Andre, the milk doesn't come from the mommy's tummy.

Amareah: Yea, Andre.

Andre: Where does the milk come from?

Mommy: Mommy's breasts.

Andre: Huh?

Mommy: Milk comes from mommy's breasts. That's what breasts are for - to feed their babies.

Andre: Do you still have milk?

Mommy: No.

Amareah: I remember getting milk from mommy, didn't I?

Mommy: Yes.

Andre: Me too?

Mommy: Yes.

Andre: I remember. (I glance in the rear view mirror to catch a little bashful smile on his face, but it looked like a happy smile. That made me smile and I thought I wouldn't tease him about the time he was watching me nurse his sister and I asked, "You want some milk too?"   ... Andre: No.

Amareah: Mommy, you don't like milk?

Mommy: Amareah, (I'm laughing) it has nothing to do with whether I like milk.

Andre: Why don't you have milk?

Mommy: Because I don't have any babies.

Amareah: I want you to have another baby.

Mommy: I AM  NOT having another baby. You guys are enough. You three and Amber. That's enough.

Amareah: I want to have babies.

Mommy: When you grow up and get married you can have your own babies.

Boy, did she look happy! Funny how that's a natural feeling for little girls.

Andre: I can't grow babies in my stomach.

Mommy: No, boys can't grow babies in their stomachs.

That was one heck of a conversation and it just dawned on me now that they haven't asked how the baby got into mommy's tummy. Well, Andre asked eons ago, but he doesn't remember. Having conversations with your children about the way the body works - in an age-appropriate manner - is very important.

By the end of this conversation we had pulled into our driveway, but that didn't stop them from talking they just switched to a different topic. I was thinking about getting an MP3 player. LOL... just kidding. A little.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lady & the Bug

Do you know how to get a depressed person off of a couch?

"Arrange" for a bug to crawl onto the couch. Make sure they see it.

You should see a lot of jumping, throwing of pillows, focused cleaning and vacuuming...

And, hopefully, a little smiling and chuckling ... well, after they stop screaming.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fountain of life

My fountain of life overflows onto the deep green of my grass
It constantly trickles and runs into the clear blue of my sky,
sometimes blocking my sun and covering my clouds.
But only when the fountain is murky.

To clear it, there are small pebbles laying about
Some clear and white, mostly blue, a lot of green, a little yellow
Just toss them in, wait a spell and gaze upon the magic.
In no time the fountain is crystal clear again.

It's often translucent, sparkly like diamonds so bright
eyes must be shielded.
There's twinkling, sprinkling, gurgling and
all who drink from it are dancing in rhythm.

At the first hint of change the dancers stumble
They weave and stomp through my green grass
Stealing my pebbles, taking the ones they gave me
Leaving my fountain of life to thud absently.

Only to sneakingly return when my pebbles grow again
Nurtured from the smallest grains of sand
The dancers want to indulge... but
No more free sips from my fountain of life.

The fountain is free flowing, speaking its own language
Playing with my pebbles and quenching my grass.
It reflects my sun and my sky overflowing to
strongly exist as my fountain of life.
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