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Friday, February 5, 2010

Bowls of homemade ice cream

I would love to make some healthy ice cream in an easy-to-use ice cream maker! I entered this giveaway... You gonna check it out too?

"Pull up a stool to the ice cream counter in your own home. 
Check out the great giveaway at The Creative Side of Me."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Busy bodies on pause

Take a peek at the last WW I posted. My then 4-year-old daughter took pictures with her camera.
More WW participants at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Organized? Extroverted? Hmmm...

I saw this at I'm The Mommy I'll Blog If I Want To and I just had to take the test myself. I was tickled by her result, which was Romantic Self-Knowing Tree Hugger, and hoped mine would be as interesting.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm an
Organized Extroverted Self-Knower
I'm glad it said I'm organized 'cause maybe that means I can finish the challenge!

28-Day Organizing Challenge

The Organizing Junkie's 28-Day Organizing Challenge began yesterday and I didn't get around to putting up my post. Here's why:
  • This has already been a busy week.
  • I'm not sure I can do this.
  • Thinking about it gives me anxiety.
I've chosen my home office for this challenge and I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. I think one of the things getting in my way of being efficient with my business and personal paperwork is the fact that the office is dark and cluttered. It's relatively neat, but there's so much stuff in there. I don't have a budget for this, but I'm going to try to be creative and do what I can.

Despite my trepidations I'm going to post my before pictures. Take a walk around the room with me (from left to right):

My biggest challenge is going to be finding the time to get this completed and I'm wondering if I should consider a small space instead of this entire room. However, this room is most important to the function and success of my business and home.

I'm hoping the accountability (telling you about it and joining in on The Organizing Junkie's site) will keep me on target and the fact that a winner will be chosen at the end. The best part, and one of the things that fuel me, is the fact that a winner of the challenge will be chosen. The prizes are fabulous. Take a look at the 28-day organizing challenge information here along with the sponsors and the prizes.

Join in (you don't have to do an entire room; you can enter with a small space) and get a little organization going in your home/life. And, don't forget to wish me luck!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lazy teachers?

Disclaimer of sorts: This opinion is in no way a blanket generalization about teachers. Although I realize there are educational professionals who go above and beyond to take responsibility for teaching the children under their charge, I am somewhat dismayed (?), disappointed (?), discouraged (?), irritated (!) by some of the experiences I've had with my new generation of children in school. Oh, side note, Shaunalynn: You can not use this post to tell me again about homeschooling (or un-schooling) the children! :-P

My plan is not to get into a long tyrade so let's see how this goes. Since the beginning of the school year in September my son's teacher has sent home "homework" that I feel is out of line - for lack of a better word. In the sense where it's homework that I have to do and not anything he can do alone.

After a parent/teacher conference with her I did get a little leeway with having to help him write complete sentences because that was the assignment: Write a sentence about XYZ picture. She said to let them write however they can and they knew what they were writing. SIGH! How is this helpful to just write random letters pretending there words? It's one thing to play at home doing that and it's an entirely 'nother thing to do it in school or as homework. How does one grade this? Well, I'm sure it helps them with their handwriting, but it seems to be a waste of time. And the fact that I have to read instructions to him is ridiculous.

When my oldest daughter was in elementary school, the teacher (even in Amber's advanced classes) sent homework home that she had 1) explained that day in class, and 2) that they knew how to complete by looking at the work or it was sentences and words they already knew. I know for a fact that my mother did even less work with me and my homework when I was a child.

ImageChef.comMy son has more homework in kindergarten than my daughter had in high school. Really, I am not kidding. He had two projects due this month alone: One that he's already turned in about Martin Luther King Jr. and one about Jamie Foxx that I think is due next week. And there has been a variety of other homework assignments that have required a lot of work from me. He has... Wait, I'm not going to rant about that anymore.

Tonight's homework (in addition to the required reading) was put a rock in a Ziplock bag. Part two was put dirt in a Ziplock bag. Now, truthfully, this is the kind of homework I like. I sent the boy outside for a rock then I checked under the sink for some potting soil and put that in a baggy.

My problem? Why in the world didn't the teacher take the class outside to find rocks and dig some dirt? Or get a bag of potting soil at the Dollar Tree and have them scoop it into a cup? Is it just me or is that lazy?

If it's for a science project then they could have done that during science period/time. Makes sense to me. I really think I'm missing something. I'm just saying.

Sharing history

Happy first day of February. Today begins Black History Month, which is an excellent opportunity for all children to learn about the contributions that Africans and Black Americans have made to our country. I think this is a pivotal time for us with a Black president in office and, on another level, Miss Virginia - who happens to be Black - was just crowned Miss America. I'm sure there are notable events in between both of those memorable moments, but I'm sure you get my point.

My oldest daughter and I often talk about facts in our history, but I don't regularly teach my children until a moment presents itself that they can relate to. For instance, when President Obama was elected the children watched history unfold on the television at their school. We talked about the President and his family for days. Last week, they both learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and my son had a project due on him for school. Both children - Andre and Amareah - were fascinated to learn about King and recite the facts they remember about him.

Andre also has to do a project on Jamie Foxx. Although Foxx has many fans; I must admit that I'm not one of them and I was extremely disappointed when I saw that Andre was assigned to him. I know very little about him and although he has made great strides in the entertainment industry he's not someone I would choose for my son to learn about at this time. With an assignment of MLK, all I had to do was pull several books off of my shelves and make copies (I have a copier here) of the pictures for Andre to include on his poster board. I don't have one book or magazine with Foxx's image in it and my computer isn't currently attached to a printer. We'll see how this turns out. I will find some videos of him singing and of his show so that Andre can see who he's writing about, but this one is going to prove a bit difficult to complete.

Since this is Black History Month, I will only tout the interesting and accomplished things I have learned about Foxx so Andre can have a positive image of him. I, on the other hand, will be groaning inside of my head. LOL...

I'm looking forward to the Black History presentations the children will do at their schools this month and to learning more about (and being reminded of) the contributions and achievements of those who came before us. It's something we should do frequently throughout the year and not just once a month, but it's better than nothing.

How will you acknowledge Black History Month for your children? Is there a project you'll do or a program you normally attend? If you're not African American, do you teach your children about Black History Month? Please share what you tell them.

While you're here, take a peek at my post from last year. There are some adorable photos of my children participating in their Black History month program at the head start.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Perfect Princess Party

My 5-year-old Princess!

My daughter Amareah turned 5 years old about a week or so ago, but we were just able to celebrate with her friends yesterday. I'm a nervous party planner and hostess so I was concerned that no one would show up. Boy, was I wrong. The party was beautiful - thanks to my 18-year-old daughter Amber who came home on Friday afternoon specifically to celebrate the day with her sister, bought the majority of the supplies that night, decorated with a little help from me and made sure we had everything we needed to make the newest big girl happy.

A cake fitting for a princess.

The princess and her friends who are in the same class as she is... plus Anna who decided to be shy.

My three beautiful princesses (the prince spent the day with his dad).

Amareah was a little embarrassed when everyone sang happy birthday to her... I had to uncover her face so her sister to capture a picture. It was so cute the way she grinned and covered her face.

Shaunalynn (The Art and Science of Parenting) captured this oh-so-cute picture of one of her daughters with her new preteen friends. The twins are Amber's boyfriend's sisters and the other young lady is their best friend. They are all sweet girls and Amareah was happy to have them at the party.

Of course she enjoyed opening her gifts. She received two Barbies, a couple of shirts, an outfit, some coloring books, a cool washable paint thing, a doll, some money and undies. I love her smile here.
 Between cake, candy, chips and other forbidden goodies, I'd say she had a good time. (Do you think I can hide/destroy all of the sweets and she won't notice?)

It all turned out so wonderfully and despite the extreme exhaustion I (and Amber!) felt at the end, the only thing that was important was what Amareah said when everything had quieted down: "That was a great party!"

Awwww.... can you feel the momma pride welling up in me? That makes it all worth it!
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