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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Truly making happy happen

I received a press release yesterday that I felt compelled to share because it touched me. What a wonderful story of giving and a program that’s really trying to make a difference. Please read and pass on.

“Kyle Cobb is 14 years old and earned more than $1,000 this summer.

The money is gone, yet the Atlanta teen could not be any happier. His money didn’t go to clothes or video games, but to a new friend named Kiwane Clay.

Kiwane, 15, was born with kidney complications and has been undergoing dialysis since birth. Due to the expenses of dialysis and other treatments, Kiwane and his family have endured several hardships.

Kyle never thought he would meet someone like Kiwane. He also never knew he’d end up on dialysis as well.

In 2009, Kyle experienced a rare condition where he outgrew his kidneys and went through dialysis treatments for three months. While undergoing the treatment and waiting for a new kidney, he met and befriended, Kiwane.

Once Kyle received a new kidney he decided that it was time to help Kiwane. So, he asked for donations from a local motorcycle team, friends and families. Kyle raised $1,200 and will continue to raise money until Kiwane receives a new kidney and is no longer on dialysis.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is celebrating this holiday season with a Make Happy Happen campaign.

Every week through December, we will post videos profiling people like Kyle, who make happy happen every day for our patients.

Whether they support Children’s with their time, financial gifts or their inspirational stories of hope, these special friends spread the message of giving not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

Visit to learn more about the project and make happy happen this holiday.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all do at least one thing to make someone else happy this holiday season and everyday afterward? Thanks for reading.

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