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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 Action Links get an A+ {product review}

I was supposed to host an in-home party sponsored by Toy Story 3 Action Links™ stunt sets from Mattel about a month or so ago. Unfortunately, I became sick and had to put off some of the things I’d committed to. I must say that putting it off was a little difficult because my children were itching to have their “play date” and bust open the packages of Action Links stunt sets and buddy packs.

DSCF5433 The day before the party, I set up the stunt sets on the table while my children watched. They have seen the movie and I haven’t so they were telling me about it as I worked. Putting together the sets was a piece of cake: simply remove from packaging, follow illustrated instructions by popping the pieces together and play. After each stunt set was ready we had to test it out. With a push of a button (Yup, no batteries! Hooray!) the action began. I was as amazed and as amused as the children.DSCF5434

When the guests arrived the next day we did a little demonstration and showed them how things worked then the play began. The children played with the Action Links for about three hours straight without stopping. Sometimes one or the other paused to get a snack, but for the most part it was excitement, jumping, laughing and re-arranging that kept the party going.



After the friends left (with their own buddy pack – similar to the one at left), my children and their best friend, Aries, played with the links and buddy packs for two straight days. And they haven’t stopped since. The one thing that is true about these Mattel products is that they keep the children occupied by challenging their imagination. They can reenact the movie or come up with their own scenarios. The adults who were present during the play date were in awe as well. … I know I had fun pushing buttons.


I think this is an ideal Christmas gift for children ages 5 and up; it’s easy to put together and doesn’t require batteries. The sets are available at major retailers and online at

Disclosure: I received Toy Story 3 Action Links™ stunt sets and Buddy Packs from Mattel for the purpose of review and sharing with friends as a member of MomSelect. No other compensation was received and any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.

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