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Monday, December 27, 2010

Let the countdown begin

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am truly amazed that another New Year is upon us. I know many people are making celebration plans or deciding on resolutions, and then there are some who are trying to finish some things before the last day of the year. I’m doing both.

Quite some  time ago I stopped making resolutions and began making personal commitments, which I think I’ve mentioned to you before. For some reason that word alone – commitment – made me more… uh, … committed. For 2011 I’ve committed to organize and minimize. Although I quite often purge our belongings by throwing and giving away or repurposing, I want to take it a new level. It just so happens that in the middle of my commitment there are some major changes coming.

Or I guess I should say a major change. I’ve alluded to that as well, but I’m still not ready for full disclosure. I’d like my plans to be in place and actions in motion before I come clean.

imageBut I can’t resist having a little fun with it:  Do you think you can guess what the change is? I’d love it if you’d leave your guess in the comments; it’ll be fun to see if anyone gets it right.

And while you’re in the mood for commenting, tell me what your New Year commitments (or resolutions) are. Before you decide, however, I challenge you to think of something that you can really commit to and achieve. For instance, if you say every year you’re going to lose 20 pounds and every year you don’t reach that goal then what can you do to make it a reachable goal? As a suggestion: Instead of saying you’re going to lose 20 pounds, how about committing to being active for 30 minutes, four times each week?

The reason why I use the phrase “being active” is because we don’t always consider the enjoyable things that can cause us to get moving and burn calories. Like dancing to your favorite upbeat song with your kids or playing tennis with your teen. Make a date with your husband or significant other to see who can clean their portion of the house the fastest. Get creative.

Now, that’s enough reading, go ahead and comment. Have a great week.

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