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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funny travel tales, part 2

I know you remember Amber’s travel exploits that I shared with you yesterday. (As I write this only a few hours have passed.) You know, the suitcase that was 15 pounds overweight and the $90 they (the airline) wanted in order for it to be taken to the destination. BTW: Does the person who picks the bag up and load it on the conveyor get that money? An-t-way, I digress.

So with a rescheduled flight that had three stops and two layovers, Amber was on her way yesterday afternoon at about 4ish in the afternoon. That first plane was delayed because of a crew member causing Amber to miss her connecting flight.

funny travel tales part 2 The solution and the only way to get her to her final destination? Fly back to Atlanta (yup, where she came from) and take a flight straight to her final destination. (See map at left.) Estimated time of arrival? About the same time it would have been had she taken the three-stop flight.

She called to relay this information to me as the flight she was about to take announced their final boarding call. Okay, picture the Tasmanian Devil and Roadrunner on steroids and a travel high. This is what I heard:

“OkaymommycanyoucalldaddyandtellhimthatImissedmyconnectingflightandtheonlywayfformetogetthereistotakethisplanebacktoAtlanta…” You get the point, right?

I uh-huh'ed my way through the conversation, did a brief recall and hung up. Whew!

Then I called her dad, relayed the information and hung up. Sigh.

Now, my only question is, why didn’t her dear ol’ dad book her on that straight flight from the get go? Men!

Oh, I forgot the other question of the day: Do we think Amber’s luggage will make it to where it’s supposed to be when she gets there? Now that, my dear readers, is definitely the question of the day!

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