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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fashionable scrubs

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how medical professionals are rocking some fancy and in-style scrubs. The scrubs nowadays come in a variety of styles and made by with comfort and individuality in mind. There are Medcouture Scrubs and Izzy Scrubs that make getting dressed for work something to look forward to.

It’s interesting how things have changed over the years in fashion and those changes have hit every type of clothing. Remember when nurses only wore dresses and scrubs only came in green? Remember the little hats and the stocking with the wedge-heeled nurses shoes? I can’t say that I recall seeing all of that in person, but I have seen old pictures and other media that shows how things were “back in the day.” I’ve seen some that don’t even look like scrubs.

Do you work in the medical field? If so, what is your daily attire like? Do you enjoy getting dressed for work in the morning or dread putting on the same old thing? Spice your wardrobe up some with stylist, up-to-date looks (yup, they have that in scrubs too) and spread a little sunshine to brighten up your day as well as those you take care of.

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