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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sisterhood, chocolate & Stampin’ Up fun

After the recent unexpected events in my life, I needed a little time to relax, reconnect and have fun so when Saturday rolled around and it was time for my Chicks & Chocolate Stampin’ Up party I was ready and raring to go. Everyone needs a little down time, right?

Now it’s not the type of party you may be thinking of; it’s a hostess party that featured the Stampin’ Up line of products including rubber stamp sets, wood or clear mounts, stamping wheels, decor accents and stencils for custom-made home decor and, I’m sure, much more. Our demonstrator for this Stampin’ Up class was Shaunalynn. You may recognize Shaunalynn as the blogger behind The Art & Science of Parenting, but she’s also a Stampin’ Up demonstrator.

DSCF5347Before the demonstration even began we started laughing and having fun. Beatrice, shown here on the right, came with her daughter Gara and they both immediately proclaimed to be NON-crafters. They said they couldn’t cut straight, didn’t glue anything and plethora of other un-crafty type behavior.

Shaunalynn, being the ever roll-with-the-punches-type gal, said that’s okay because cutting straight was not necessary and there’s no wrong way to do it.

And what exactly would we be doing?

DSCF5347We would decorate little chocolate candy bars and make them suitable (and beautiful!) for gift giving and make greeting cards. As soon as Shaunalynn said chocolate, Beatrice was all ears. Seems as if she and I share a certain chocolate fetish. She likes it so much that she allowed Shaunalynn to stamp her hand with “So much chocolate so little time.” (Of course this was after she joked and asked Shaunalynn can the stamps be used on people…) Perfect, don’t you think?DSCF5348 And Beatrice was quite amused with the result. So much so that she decided she would purchase the chocolate stamp set in January when it becomes available to the public. Yea, we had the inside track thanks to Shaunalynn.




DSCF5351We finally got down to the business of stamping and began with our chocolate bars. I managed to capture a few steps in the process. Even though the three of us complained, fussed and presented our OCD tendencies, we finally ended up with little presents we are proud of.

That’s my first Hershey bar after it was wrapped with the cute little papers. Then we stamped some stock paper  and used a fancy punch to shape the paper. Below are the two I covered – the middle and bottom ones. Shaunalynn, who created the one on top,  showed us how to use the inkpads to put a little color to our cutouts. I’m really pleased with how they turned out and don’t think I want to share. :-)DSCF5353DSCF5354

Then it was time to make our greeting cards. We were each given a little baggy that contained five different sizes of paper. We took the stock paper, folded it in half and were taught a trick to get it folded straight – that’s our card. Then we were instructed to tear the second piece diagonally. You would have thought she told us to build a pyramid. Every ounce of OCD came out as we tried to tear perfectly. Regardless of how many times she said there’s no wrong way. Each piece had to be torn, glued and made to have a weathered look around the edges.DSCF5357

That’s Gara giving her paper the weathered/worn look. I’m not going to mention how many times she tore one of her papers in the wrong direction – twice!  The next couple of pictures show the card as I made it.














The finished products:


The card on the left is the one I made and Shaunalynn did the one on the right then gave it to me. DSCF5367





Gara and Beatrice, despite their doubts that they could do it, made fabulous cards and cutely covered chocolates.             DSCF5365 DSCF5366  

Just for hosting the Stampin’ Up class I received the holiday mini catalog, the Definitely Decorative catalog and the 2010/2011 Idea Book & Catalog. Those books are filled with ideas and products that are great for the seasoned crafter as well as the beginner. I saw quite a few ideas I’d like to try. In fact, the holiday mini catalog featured some Simply Adorned Baubles that gave me the idea to create jewelry-inspired gift cards to add to my Etsy shop, Jewelry World. (If you visit, don’t say anything about there being just one piece there. I’ve been having “technical difficulties.”)

If you’d like to schedule a class with Shaunalynn (that’s her pictured above) or order some products, check out her Stampin’ Up site. She’s patient, fun and not at all bossy. :-D Her demonstration was easy to follow and we had fun doing it. In fact, I’m waiting for Bea to schedule hers so I can do it all again.

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