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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MyTies - private, social networking app for iPhone

This post brought to you by MyTies. All opinions are 100% mine.

The iPhone has some fabulous apps and there's another available for you for the best price ever! FREE! The application I'm talking about is, which is a private, social network for the iPhone. This application allows users to use their personal address book to make several private networks by allowing them to invite their contacts to join their created groups. This type of group structure lets users choose which group(s) they want to share text messages, video creations, photos and location information with.

What's the best part about MyTies? You - the user - can share information with different groups at anytime, all your posts are private to your groups and only you can invite who you want to see your posts. What do I like the best about MyTies? Even as someone who doesn't have an iPhone yet I appreciate the fact that I can set up groups to be able to easily send the items to them that I want to with a simple click. It's a function I've wanted on my simple phone for the longest.

It doesn't take long to download and it's free so go ahead and run the iPhone app today. And there's something else in it for you: Use the promo code "myprivacy" so you can get 20 more invites within the app for the chance to connect with more friend and family.

Happy networking.

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