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Monday, November 15, 2010

Muddled mind, missing muse

I love alliteration

Just write.

That’s what “they” recommend when creativity wanes. This worked fairly well when I was a magazine editor because I could take the facts and the quotes, arrange them how appropriate and muddle through stringing it all together with some input from the editorial team. This often doesn’t work so well when you’re alone working from home.

I guess there are ways to find my missing muse, right? We’ve all read the tips: read others’ work, take a break and come back, just write, meditate … there are quite a few things that work for different people. I haven’t found a sure-fire way to get them to work for me especially when life is getting in the way.

I actually started this post in the hopes of fueling some magical beginning to my writing day. Hoping it would spur me into my quick clicking, multitasking writing, answering emails, tweeting, blogging and reading. Yea, my multitasking is over the top and today would be a good day to take one thing at a time. My “one thing at a time” is blogging/writing and watching television – I generally have office hours on my couch when I’m extremely stressed. It’s better than sitting at my desk, trying to work and gazing at a blank screen or shuffling papers.

Now I’m running out of time before the first child gets home from school (all getting rides because of the dead van) and the motivation of little time to myself is pushing my brain into gear to at least get some things accomplished.

What about you? How do you motivate your mind and your muse?

Have a happy Monday.

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