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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mega fun with Mega Bloks {play date re-cap + review}

One of the reasons I love blogging is I can do things for myself and my children that are either entertaining, educational or necessary. Another of the reasons is I thoroughly enjoy sharing products and information with my friends (including my blog readers and friends) and family. So when MommyParties contacted me about hosting a party sponsored by MegaBloks I jumped at the chance.

DSCF5392 The MegaBloks party was this past Saturday and, despite my nervousness, it was a huge success. Not all of the children showed up that were scheduled, but it worked out perfectly. My youngest, who was the official host, greeted her guests at the door and they all went right to the Play’n Go Table that was set up in the middle of the floor. Before the children started their building and playing, I told all the mommies (and a couple of grandmas) about the Play’n Go Table.

DSCF5389 I love that little table, which you can see here without the Bloks on top. Those four pieces – the yellow, green, blue and orange ones – lift off and there’s a little storage area within for the MegaBloks. It’s easy for children to unlock the table, with a little knob in the center, and get ready for play all by themselves. If you want to take the table to go, all you have to do is push two tabs on each leg and all four legs fold down and you’re ready to go. No assembly, no mess and no fuss. Just the kind of toy I like!



The party was planned for children in Anna’s age range (she’s 3), but when everyone didn’t show up that allowed the three older kids (my two ages 7 and 5, and a friend’s daughter also age 5) to participate in the fun. I was amazed at how long the children played with that table. The built cities and buildings then tore them down, they built again and knocked them down… over and over again.





Most of the children had noticed the Lil’ Vehicles (Lil’ Pink Bus, Lil’ School Bus, Lil’ Boat, Lil’ Dump Truck and Lil’ Tractor) sitting off to the side and it wasn’t long that they all tired of waiting to get their hands on them. Once they all decided on which vehicle they wanted, we set up races two by two.


Here are Anna and Aries, looking very serious, waiting for the signal to go (no, we didn’t let Aries get a jump on Anna. LOL… She scouted back a little)…

DSCF5401…  And they’re off!


These boys (who I call Little J and Big J) are cousins. Here they prepare to race.

DSCF5402 My two middle children, Andre and Amareah, got in on the fun again. I think they tied each time they raced each other!


Each of the children raced two or three times, if not more, and by the time they tired themselves out it was juice pouches and a Mega Munch snack for everyone. Stopping for a snack and a drink did not stop the children from playing; they continued to roll around their vehicles around the room as some continued to play with the Play’n Go Table (retails for $39.99).

DSCF5387 One of the most exciting parts of the play date was the drawing at the end. When the adults arrived they filled out an information card that was put into a bag for a drawing of the raffle gift, the Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship (retails for $29.99).




And the winner was… Giselle and her son Jalen (please forgive me if I misspelled names). The mom, who really only came to bring her sister and her son (Damien, one of Anna’s favorite friends at school), was thrilled when she won. And, of course, her son was as well… such a cutie who was excited to find out that he had won.








My review: The Mega Bloks Play’n Go Table is a fabulous choice for children ages 3+. The table is sturdy –  one play-date guest decided to slam it up and down – and versatile. The children at the party made so many different structures, buildings, towers, bridges and scenarios that I lost count; and my children have since found other blocks that also fit coming up with hide and seek for the little play people and a variety of other structures. The ‘Lil Vehicles, which include bloks inside of them, also proved to be sturdy against dropping, continuous rolling and crashing.

One of the things I like about Mega Bloks is how easily each separate toy fit with whatever you purchase. For instance, if you get the play and go table and later get a vehicle, the bloks inside the vehicle are easily incorporated. And the bloks can be bought unisex in the Classic 80-piece bag or strictly girly in the Pink 80-piece bag.

Now Anna wants to know when her friends are coming over again… Oh boy, I think I and MommyParties have created a “play-date loving monster!”

To check out the toys I mentioned here, as well as others, visit the Mega Bloks site. Be sure to surf around after you take a gander at the Maxi toys because there are all kinds of Mega Brands that your kids will love.

Disclosure: I received, free of charge, a Mega Bloks MommyParties Kit that contained enough Mega Bloks and information to share with 10 children and their moms.  No monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.

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