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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last taste of summer


This evening when my children arrived home from school and after they had finished most of their homework I let them go outside. They ran, screamed, threw leaves, climbed a tree, rode a bike, pushed cars, carried tree limbs, played with bugs and a variety of other things that only children can think to do.

I let them play ‘til it was about dusk… Yes, we’re having unseasonably warm weather, and they’ve asked me a few times in the past couple of weeks to play outside or go to the park. DSCF4584The first couple of times it was too wet out then it was too cold out, but today – with the temperature in the high 60s and low 70s – presented possibly the last time they’ll get to play outside with outside concern of coats, hats, gloves, runny noses and colds.

A couple of times I peeked at them, admonished them for being close to the street and, at the last minute, noticed the uniform pants my son didn’t change out of all. Oh well, it’s his last taste of summer, I thought.

DSCF4585Given that we’re in the South, there may be a few more days here and there that call for outside play or a longer stroll from mailbox to door. It’s nice to get those days in and not be confided to the house… the last taste of summer.  



DSCF4794 DSCF4795








(All pictures were taken over the summer.) 

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