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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My son is 7 years old

It’s been seven years and one day since I gave birth to my only son. It seems like the time has passed slowly and quickly all at the same time. Wasn’t he an adorable baby?Another copy of Andre dedication Can you see him? It’s the only photo I have of him at that age on my computer. Andre was born six weeks early at 4 pounds 16 ounces. A healthy and impatient little boy. That description still fits him to this day.

I’ve found it such a sweet moment to truly realize that he’s my son. My only son and that holds a special place. My daughters are my heart and special as well, but there’s something different about having just one son (no, I won’t have anymore children!).

He really enjoyed his birthday celebration and was thrilled when he found out RP got him a fish. Introducing Basket. Yup, he named him Basket. Basket the Beta.

DSCF5308DSCF5310Look at his expression when he finally realized what it was. He and RP set up the tank. It was a beautiful and fun moment. Made even more fun in the fact that I didn’t have to participate. 



DSCF5316Each time I turned around or looked for Andre, he was looking at Basket. Asking questions about Basket. Talking about Basket. He definitely loves Basket! I really like the silhouette of this picture with him looking at the Beta tank, I just wish I had a better camera to make the photo even better.

DSCF5320Here he is telling his daddy all about his birthday – what he got from school, about his fish and that he still had another gift to open along with cake and ice cream to enjoy. 

He loved the Transformers cake (even though they could have written the words on their better, I said that, not him!) and his very cool Batman balloon. Nope, we didn’t do a theme this year. Just a few things he would definitely like.
























DSCF5332 DSCF5331 
 DSCF5336    DSCF5337**


Happy Birthday Son!

I hope you had a wonderful day. May each day bring a new appreciation for the little things and a realization for how much you’re loved.

**The two books I gave Andre for his birthday are fabulous. I received them to review and hadn’t showed them to the children yet. They were perfect choices for him: “The Day Leo Said I Hate You” and “The Boy Who Changed the World.” Keep your eyes open for those reviews in the near future.

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