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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Listening to God

A little less than two weeks ago my son and my middle daughter got their glasses. Less than a week later my middle daughter, Amareah, got up one morning and could not find her glasses. They weren’t in the case, they weren’t sitting in the spot where she puts them at night, they were nowhere to be found… Thus ensued Amareah’s day long worry about the trouble she would be in by the end of that night if she didn’t find her glasses.

Amareah - hair out 02-2010 She looked around the house after school and the closer to dinner and bedtime it got, the more worried she became. Why? Because being the mean firm that I am, I had promised her some strong discipline if she didn’t find those glasses.

When she came to the kitchen table for dinner, she had such a serious look on her face and said, “Mommy, does God talk to people?”

That question took me a little off guard, but in true mommy recovery mode, I said, “Yes, sometimes people feel like they hear Him in their head or their heart. Why?”

“’Cause I asked God where my glasses are and He said in the drawer, but I looked in the drawer and they weren’t there.” Her face was so long and pitiful.

“Well,” I stalled, trying to find something to say, “did you look good?”

“No, I was going to go back and look again.”


And we dropped the subject.

A little later she said, “God lied or played a trick on me ‘cause I didn’t see them.”

I felt terrible. So I looked in the drawer as well. I didn’t see them either.

Little Amareah got in trouble and received another lecture about caring for her glasses. A few days passed and we continued to look. I grumbled about having to purchase another pair and life went on as normal with Amareah again complaining about headaches and the insensitive realistic mommy reminding her that she would have her glasses if she hadn’t lost them.

Yesterday I sat down with Amareah to style her hair before her and her siblings went to their dad’s for the weekend. I grabbed all of the hair products, combs and whatnot then picked up the three-drawer, small chest thingy that the girls’ hair accessories are in. I pulled open the first drawer and saw something shiny. I blinked and moved my head closer. Guess what I found inside of the drawer. You figured it out, right? Amareah glasses!

“Amareah?!” I yelled and all the children came running. “I found your glasses.” She looked at me as if I had spoke a different language. Like I was teasing her as her brother had done a few days ago when he pretended to find her glasses and gave her his. I handed them to her and a smile slowly broke out on her face.

“Where were they?” Andre asked.

“In the drawer. Amareah, is this the drawer God told you they were in?” I said pointing to the little chest.


“God didn’t lie,” I told her. “God doesn’t lie.”

“I thought he was playing a joke on me,” she said. “Andre! God didn’t lie!”

The drawer was in a place where she couldn’t look down into it. In fact, I think I had opened that drawer once and didn’t see them myself. When I went back to look after she said God had talked to her I looked in a different drawer.

image Later she was telling her dad the story and the exuberance in her face and voice  at finding out that not only does God not lie, but he doesn’t play a joke like that either. Imagine my relief to witness such a beautiful moment for my daughter. I hope that as she gets older she keeps that childhood, innocent belief and realization, and that she doesn’t let life’s obstacles, upsets and disappointments take away her trust and love in God. It was also a reminder in me to have a childlike trust in God. Always.

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