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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Garage floor improvements

Don’t tell her I told you this, but my mother is a neat freak. Well, I guess I should say she is particular about the way her home and land are kept so she is extra vigilant in ensuring that it is maintained (how was that?).

I recall my mother using plastic runners on the high-traffic areas of the carpet and putting cardboard down in the garage so it wouldn’t get stained with oils and leaks. Most people don’t do that and end of having a very stained garage floor and, in addition to that, there are the normal scratches, cracks and damage that come with age.

Now there’s a way to transform a dirty garage floor to a creative work of art by using Logo Floor from Modutile. There are many design choices from floor tiles in a solid color or checker pattern to a favorite image, customers can decide on any of the unique designs.

The flooring is easy to install and consists of interlocking tiles that are made out of high impact plastic that weighs about one pound. This flooring can help homeowners keep their garage floors in better condition by creating a barrier again dirt and debris. The flooring is also easy to clean – now that’s something about it my mom would love.

If you could have an image or artwork on your Garage Floor what would you choose?

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