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Friday, October 8, 2010

Complete picture day look

My youngest child has reached another first milestone: Her first genuine school picture day. Even though she has an excuse from the doctor to be out of school today because of a virus, we couldn’t miss picture day so I went with her and they allowed her to take her picture first then do the class photo. (Her head start is a small location with only three classrooms.)

Of course, since I shared her pretty hairstyle with you I had to give you a glimpse of how gorgeous she looked today. Introducing the baby of the family – turned big girl!

DSCF5284 DSCF5285 DSCF5286 All of these photos are beautiful,

but the next three are my definite favorites.

DSCF5287 DSCF5288 DSCF5289 DSCF5290 And, finally, the back view of this beautiful dress.

DSCF5292 I’m so proud of how she behaved today – both at home and in school while getting her pictures taken. Although she has thoroughly tired me out I’m happy to have this day of memories. Fun, playtime, giggles, games, cuddling and pictures. :-)

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