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Monday, October 4, 2010

Buying bedroom furniture for children

There are a few things that are always on my mind and two of those things are:

  1. My children
  2. Furniture and decorating

It just so happens that those two things are intertwined right now because the children need new beds. Well, they actually need new bedroom furniture as well as complete bedroom makeovers. One of the things that each of my four children need are new beds. I’ve been thinking about getting my two youngest (5-year-old Amareah and Anna, 3) a twin bed with a trundle. While browsing I came across the Casey Twin Trundle Daybed and I love it!


It’s really nice in the white and this particular bed wouldn’t take up a lot of room, which is exactly what I need because three girls share one room. When my oldest is home, during holidays and the summer, I’d like her to have a comfortable young adult corner of the room. So when I saw the Frazer Daybed in Frost White, I was sold. It’s beautiful and I think it would look great in the room with the other pieces of furniture I have in mind. What do you think? image The other choice for the younger girls is the Vanilla Cream Twin-Size Mate’s Bed (pictured below). I think it’s really cute and would look good in the room with the first bed, but that wouldn’t work. There are so many to choose from and the prizes are pretty reasonable. I’d have to browse around the site some more to see if there are any other options that may be a good fit.


Of course the purchase of new beds would mean that everyone would need new sheets. Although it can be a little intimidating it is also exciting to get the types of things I think my children deserve and need.

They could also use an armoire to increase the storage space. The two youngest girls have taken over the closet so it would be feasible to have an Armoire for them or for Amber so she has somewhere to put her belongings when she’s at home. Some of the pieces I choose I would love them to be nice enough that she can take them with her when she gets her first apartment.

And that’s just the beginning. My son, Andre who’s 6, needs a twin bed and other furniture as well because he (like his sisters) has grown out of his toddler bed.

In the meantime, while I’m getting my funds together to furnish the rooms, I’ll be working on the walls and other little decorations. I’ll just take my time so the end result will be exactly what I and the children will love.

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