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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Better bookmark {product review}

image Sometimes I receive information about new products and before I even have the product in my hand I doubt that it will work. Sometimes I’m right, but there are a lot of times that I’m not. Honestly, I thought that when I received a press release about the PageKeeper® the automatic bookmark. The title of the email grabbed me first: “Innovative Anti E-reader Technology for the Avid Bookworm.”

I’m an avid bookworm, as are a lot of the people I know. That made the PageKeeper, which was originally developed by Scott Capamaggio*, a product I had to review. When it arrived it stayed in the package for a few days. I read the instructions, looked at the pictures and it seemed easy to use. Finally a few days ago I cut open the plastic and slid the device out. It was a small little thing with big promises: “never lose your place again” and “Every reader’s best friend.”

I attached it to On Writing, which is Stephen King’s memoir of the craft that I borrowed from a friend. I tossed the book in my bag, randomly grabbed it to read in bed, threw it on the couch and generally toted the book around like I normally would.

Normally my paper or plastic bookmarks would fall out. They’d end up at the bottom of my purse or bag, under the covers, on the floor and before I knew it they were scattered around the house because I never take the time to find it and just grab another one from the bookmark basket. (Yes, I have a bookmark basket.)

In addition to its ability to stay in place, the PageKeeper expertly keeps your place. It slides onto the bottom of the book and a little metal arms stays in place as you turn the pages from the top right corner. It takes minimal concentration and it isn’t in the way at all.

I’d say that the PageKeeper is exactly what the bookworm ordered. It gets an A+ in my book. The PageKeeper retails for $7.99 or a package of three for $23.25.

*”Capamaggio first invented an automatic bookmark a couple decades ago. He teamed up with Ross Amyot for Canadian distribution, and in 1995 Amyot bought the rights to produce the PageKeeper for worldwide distribution. In 2009 Amyot and Capamaggio improved the PageKeeper and received a patent for the new technology. Today the PageKeeper is available throughout the United States and Canada.”

Disclosure: I received the PageKeeper® free of charge to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. Any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.

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