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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where are the complaint forms?

I have a mini gripe to get off of my chest or I’m not going to survive. Due to personal reasons I have been going to the library to get on the Internet and try to get some work done. Although this is a great alternative when I want to do it, it’s not so great when it feels like I’m forced to do it.

image There are ups and downs about being at the library – just like there are ups and downs about working from home or in an office. One is opening up your sensitive material via your laptop  to hackers – someone has tapped into my Yahoo account and is sending random emails to all of my contacts - and the other is the distractions.

So far I’ve been to three different libraries. The library I choose for the day is dependent on errands, convenience and location. For instance, when I took the three younger kids to Miss Kellie’s house for the afterschool program yesterday, I went to a local library about 10 minutes from her house. The idea was to maximize on the time and get as much work done as possible; especially since I hadn’t been too productive that morning.

I sat down at a somewhat isolated table, powered up my laptop and worked my way through a maze of errors and such to get to the wireless Internet connection. Finally, a page says I have to enter my library card information to access the wireless connection.


This is my third library under the same library system and none of the other libraries required this. I searched my wallet even though I knew the card probably wasn’t there. Where was it? It was hanging on the key hook in my home. I changed keychains and haven’t had the chance to put all of the store discount tags, etc., on the new chain.

Although I was irritated, I re-packed my bag and carried my laptop to the circulation desk. I explained the situation and she said, “You’ll need your library card.”

“I left mine home. Is there anyway you can look it up?”

“No, I can issue you a new one for a $2 fee that will make the other one null and void.” She said this with a little attitude.

“So, there’s nothing you can do? You can’t look it up?”


I somewhat calmly grab my things and walk away saying, aloud, “Ooooookkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

What I wanted to do was cuss her out. First of all, since when are librarians so unhelpful and without solutions. Secondly, I”m sure she had a library card she could have used to let me temporarily log in. They obviously can monitor it somehow so she could have monitored it or told me that she would not do it again.

image I was not around the corner from my house so it wasn’t feasible to just jump in the car and go get it. And, no, I didn’t have $2. Even if I did, that was a waste. I wanted to do was get a little work done. It pissed me off to not only waste my time, but to have such an unhelpful librarian. Oh, by the way, if you live near the Fayette County Public Library in Fayetteville, Georgia, I would say keep moving to another library. It’s nice on the inside and even on the outside, but that’s not the first time that I’ve experienced their subpar customer service, demeaning attitude and their basic lack of human compassion.

It took all of my energy to not use some choice words with this lady who didn’t apologize, offer any solutions or kind words. Now, I have a friend who wouldn’t want to hear this entire story and would say, “What’s the solution?” All I have to say today is: You can stick your solution right up your…

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