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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wall mounted mailboxes

As a young girl growing up in the suburbs of Delaware the mailman walked right up to your front door and dropped the mail through a slot in the door or into a wall mount mailbox that hung next to the door. When we moved to a home on the country roads of Maryland, our mailbox was at the end of the lane, i.e., driveway, and the mail carrier drove his regular car (he steered from the passenger seat) and popped the mail into the box next to the road.

Where I live now there aren’t many homes that have wall mounted mailboxes for the postal workers to place mail in, but they are still available for homeowners who live in areas that allow it. It’s good to know – I didn’t – that the option to place your house mailboxes still exists.

I like how the wall mount mailboxes are designed: There are Victorian and Provincial styled ones, those that look like shadow boxes, others that you’re able to lock and secure as well as quite a few other choices. It’s a fabulous idea for something that is necessary, but gives you away to make yours unique.

What type of mailbox do you have?

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