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Monday, September 13, 2010

Picture day, sick day

My two middle children, Andre and Amareah, attend a public school where they have to wear uniforms. But on picture day they’re allowed to wear their “street clothes.” Yesterday (thanks to the $100 gift card I won from BlogHer! HAPPY DANCE) I was able to take them to get a couple of things to spruce up their outfits a little and represent their personal style.

In my mind, I pictured my son wearing black dress slacks with a dressy/casual shirt and loafers. When we were at the store I picked out a shirt that I thought would work great and I showed it to him. He had a weird look on his face. Confused, I said, “Do you like this?”

I guess he thought he would get in trouble because he slowly shook his head “no.” Well, exssscuuuusssse me! I thought. “Well,” I said diplomatically, “I don’t see any other shirts that will go with your dress slacks.”

“I don’t want to wear pants, I want to wear jeans.”

“You want to wear jeans?”


Well, exssscuuuusssse me Mr. 6-year-old son!

I sort of chuckled, but was a little annoyed as well. Instead of getting upset, I trudged on and finally came across an extremely cool shirt (that also met my standards). It’s white and black, but when exposed to the sun it shows images within the black TV screens. Very cool.

So, here is Mr. Picky my adorably, cute and stylish son this morning before school.

DSCF5220Doesn’t he look handsome? I am sure his first grade portraits turned out beautifully.

I thought it would be easier to shop for my daughter because I know she always wants to wear a skirt or a dress, but as I was looking around they didn’t have anything that I liked or that I thought she would like. I found a skirt that I liked, but she didn’t like it – I guess because it was plaid. We compromised and I asked her if she liked the pink one. She did, but they didn’t have her size.

Deep breath.

On the other side of the girls’ department I saw some stylish, slightly flamboyant outfits that I knew she would like. I was a little apprehensive about going to that area because I didn’t think we’d agree. (No, I’m not talking about my teenager; I’m talking about my 5-year-old daughter!) I thought the outfits would be a little out of my budget (or what I would spend on a 5 year old)…

I sorted through the clothes and found an outfit that I liked, but didn’t like the design. I asked Amareah if she liked the style in general and she said yes. We decided on a color and design, and here is the end result…

DSCF5222 Since she’s such a modeling, fashion diva she had to do a little pose (LOL) so I hope you can see her well. That’s a tee with butterflies, flowers and other designs, a shawl-like vest with a stylish scarf. And, the part I’m super impressed with, is the dark-colored jeggings! I think it’s the perfect outfit for a fashion-forward kindergartener.

Unfortunately, Anna wasn’t able to show off her new jeans and sneakers to anyone but the doctor. She’s been sick since Saturday (this is the second time she’s been sick in less than two to three weeks) and she’s already missed about four days of school.

Here she is last night; she was not happy about having to get a treatment, but RP kept her company and made the time pass quickly.


This morning her fever was still coming back once the meds wore off and it was off to the doctor we went. The diagnosis: reactive airway disease and a pretty bad ear infection in the right ear. Never mind that we were just at the doctor’s office on Thursday and her ears were clear after a five day antibiotic treatment. Unfortunately, we’ll be back at the ENT soon. The instructions for her care were so many that I had to write them down to ensure I didn’t forget anything.

I decided not to worry about getting her dressed to take her siblings to school this morning and the camera batteries died before I could get another picture this afternoon.

DSCF5225Well, I must run to dose out more medicines and get ready to pick up the other two from afterschool daycare. I hope you’re having a good Monday. Any excitement on your end?

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