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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our weekend with the teenager

I am really looking forward to this weekend because I am exhausted! The younger children will be with their father and I plan on getting some much-needed sleep. Last weekend I didn’t get much rest because the four of us (me and the threesome) went to visit Amber on her campus.

We left Friday afternoon, spent the night and came back late Saturday. Andre, Amareah and Anna really enjoyed spending time with their big sister. Anna had been asking if and when Amber was coming home, and I just wanted to spend some time with the teen while getting away from home. It was like a mini vacay.

Here are a few memories to share with you from our weekend with Amber.

Ready for bed on their first night in a college dorm (typical college decorations in the background). DSCF5183







All ready for bed on their first night at college.


That blow-up mattress must have been really comfortable because it didn’t take them long to pass out.

Amber suite sure is cold!   It is as cold as all get out in Amber’s suite!

DSCF5187 We all went with Amber so she could run a few errands. My daughter Amareah, who is not shown above, always runs ahead of everyone.

DSCF5188 Since they were her errands; she should drive, right?

Hanging out with big sister sure can be exhausting. Shopping and hanging out with big sis sure is tiring.

DSCF5190Poor Anna had started getting a fever.   

Amber adds some more personal touches to the common living area of her suite.DSCF5195










I love the little accents Amber bought for her dorm suite, and she isn’t finished yet. She buys little things every now and then to make it comfy.

DSCF5196 The four-some are always ready to stop and pose! DSCF5198I love pictures of all of them together –

their personalities really shine through.


The twins; born in two different generations!

Amber & Anna watching their siblings race up and down the sidewalk.    Amber & Anna watching their siblings race up and down … and up and down… and up and down… the sidewalk!

(Forgive the darkness of the following pictures.)

DSCF5200DSCF5203 DSCF5204 DSCF5205 DSCF5210DSCF5212DSCF5209DSCF5211DSCF5206

Result: A super extra wonderful weekend.

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