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Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally… well, almost, all organized!

All of this time I have been wanting to get my home organized, functional and comfortable. It is a slow-going process, but I think slowly but surely I will get it in an order that I’m happy with. I’ve been in the process of reorganizing my office and I thought I was just about done when I won a fabulous Storage Box Organizer with eight plastic storage boxes from, the homewares place.

According to the site, it’s a organizational system that can be used in the garage – and I must admit it’s perfect for that – but I’m utilizing it in my home office. You can see I have it in the corner of the room. I’m actually getting rid of one of my three desks to make room for it and increase the space a little. I’m really excited about this development.


I still have one bin that’s empty, but I’m sure I’ll have no problem filling it. The other bins contain crafting and scrapbooking supplies; pictures, frames and artwork; packing and mailing materials; large artwork and paintings by the children; my memories book that contains all of my journals (since 1979!), photos and yearbooks; and one has children’s learning computers, cards and puzzles.

Although I am in love with this system there is one thing that presented a minor difficulty. When assembling it you’ll need an electric screwdriver so had I been purchasing it myself I may not have gotten it. (I’ll keep my comments to myself about how I had an electric screwdriver that someone broke!) My BF did his best to get it assembled without the electric screwdriver, but I have to – and want to – get one to tighten up some areas and ensure it’s secure.

I’m surprised that it held up without all the screws, etc., in place. See:

DSCF5237There are a few areas like this, but it’s so sturdy that it’s not even moving with a few poles coming out. Once the other bolts/screws get into place I’ll really be in business. It is, however, securely bolted to the wall.

Thanks for giving me an organizing high; this is a great product and I’ll enjoy many years using it. Everyone stay tuned for more organizing news…

Have you been up to any organizing and cleaning lately?

Disclosure: I won my Storage Box Organizer with eight plastic storage boxes from StacksAndStacks and decided to share it with you here. My win, nor my review, has no influence my opinions – those are my own. No compensation was received. More information can be found in my complete disclosure policy.

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