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Monday, September 6, 2010

Elmer’s Bag It Forward

Melissa, a sweet blogging friend at Frugal Creativity, tagged me with a virtual bag overflowing with school supplies, which is part of Elmer’s Virtual Bag It Forward, a charity blog meme.  I haven’t participated in a meme in quite some time so I guess there’s no better time like the present. (I just hope Melissa doesn’t mind if I copy her blog post almost word-for-word!)

Bloggers are able to raise $10 per blog post for Adopt-A-Classroom by writing a blog post or Facebook note and donating a virtual bag of school supplies. Elmer’s will donate $10 per post written for Adopt-A-Classroom, up to $10,000. The Elmer's Virtual Bag It Forward campaign runs through September 10, so don't delay!



  • Copy and paste these rules into your blog post or Facebook note.
  • Create a post giving a “virtual bag of school supplies” to other bloggers or write about your Back to School shopping trip at Walmart.
  • Link back to the person who gave you a bag of school supplies.
  • Let each person you are giving a virtual bag of school supplies know you have given them a bag.
  • Leave your link in the Elmer’s Virtual Bag It Forward comment section. You can also find the official rules of this virtual #bagitforward program there.
  • Please note that only one blog post per blog URL will count towards the donation.

Now it’s time to tag five friends… let’s see, it’s always so hard for me to decide. Here are the five friends (of the five there is one who I know doesn’t like memes so I couldn’t resist tagging her! LOL)

If you don’t have time then don’t worry about it, but otherwise take a few minutes and post for a good cause.

Oh, and before you leave here, check out the short post I wrote about helping children with rare diseases.

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