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Monday, September 27, 2010

Eeewww… that’s a dead bird!

It’s a rainy, dreary day. Nice and dark. The perfect time to take a nap or lounge on the couch watching television. Instead I’m sitting at the library working. Why at the library? Well, that’s another story for another day… one that I hope to tell you has a happy ending.

An-t-way, I found a corner in this library that I like to inhabit, I can either watch others on the library computers or look out of the window into an unkept courtyard. Today, given my grumpiness, I’ve planted myself with face pointing toward the courtyard so I don’t attract any unwanted conversation or attention.

In the middle of a thought I glance at the sidewalk right outside the window. I see something gray, black and white. a pile of something that looks… like feathers. Feathers?! I notice the path of ants marching back and forth then I see the beak and little foot. Eeeewww, there’s a dead bird outside of the window. Less than five or six feet from me.

We’ve had some serious rain for about two days so he could have gotten confused and flew into the glass. Struck by lightening? Whatever happened to him he is definitely expired. I would take a picture to share, but I left my camera at home. Not that you would want to see it, but I need to share it with someone. I need to share the visual aspects of it.

I’ve already complained about the state of this courtyard to a friend of mine who lives near this library. Normally, I frequent a different library, but have been coming here ‘cause it’s close to her home and we often ride together.

Now I’m even more irritated by its appearance. Why, at a facility that utilizes inmates, is there an overgrown, eyesore of a courtyard? I guess I shouldn’t complain because I more than likely won’t do anything to make a difference.

Why? That’s a question that I’ll have to explore. Maybe I’ll inquire of the staff on my way as to why they don’t do something with that area.

For now I have to get back to work because I know I’m going to want to leave in enough time to get some lunch before I have to do afternoon carpooling.

What are you up to this morning?

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