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Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you have an online resume?

Most people I know, whether they are actively seeking a job or not, have an online resume. In addition to those seeking employment, there are others who would like to get a better job to make more money or open themselves up for career advancement. Nowadays, in addition to having a resume online, people are using social media to market and network then directing those who they meet to their online resume.

On the other hand, employers are still searching Internet job sites in an effort to find qualified individuals. An employer doing the searching will use key words to find the right resumes. For instance, if they’re looking for writers (best to talk about something I know something about, right?) they may search for the keywords: journalist, editor, magazine articles, editorial, profiles or journalism. An employer looking for someone with a particular type of computer experience may add keywords that are relevant to the technical industry and those looking for graphic artists will search for specific software that mostly graphic artists and illustrators use.

Both employers, employees and job seekers use online resume for a different means. The one you most have to watch out for is the employer who is looking to see if current employees are actively seeking new employment.

Do you have an online resume? Are you actively seeking employment?

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