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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Check the mail

If you own a business, apartment complex or a multi-family housing unit then you may be in the market for Commercial Mailboxes or Apartment Mailboxes. is the one-stop shop for mailboxes of this type. They carry cluster boxes, horizontal mailboxes, freestanding mail centers, vertical mailboxes, drop and multi-unit boxes, mail stations, kits, accessories and replacement parts. In all honesty, I never knew so many options existed for commercial mailboxes. For instance, the cluster mailboxes can be ordered as standard or high security and that there are eight categories under collection and drop boxes.

The online retailer guarantees that they have the lowest prices (the slim vertical collection box is just $139.33) and are touted as having the largest selection on the market as well as an expert customer service team that readily and professionally handles all customer-related matters. They’ll ship your customer commercial mailbox directly to your job site. Also available are amenities such as commercial ash urn, backless bench, bike rack, bench, planter, litter receptacle and lighting. All the things that a business or housing owner may need.

And if commercial mailboxes and items are not what you’re looking for then Just Commercial Mailboxes also provides a link to residential mailboxes.

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