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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What in the world was I thinking?

… I should have taken the week off.

Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table with the sound of cartoons and pre-schooler noises floating around my head (yes, Anna is home today). I have my feet propped up and a cup of coffee standing by. I wish I felt as unfrazzled as I look, but the fact of the matter is time is slipping by at a record speed and I am nowhere close to accomplishing or completing or something-ing anything.

Let me explain why my head is frazzled, but I’m trying to maintain my cool:

  • The two middle children started school on Monday.
  • When I pick them up each day I drive them to the daycare for afterschool.
  • I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning, which I was late for.
  • Today, I have to (I’m going to!) drive two hours to my best friend’s place and take him to get his dental surgery. Then come back.
  • Friday I have to ensure Amber has everything she needs and has the van loaded because…
  • I have to drive three hours (Is it three? I can’t remember.) on Saturday to take her to campus and drive home.

In the middle of all of that I had writing and editing assignments, posts and reviews I was supposed to be doing along with the parenting and household stuff. Well, I thought I had it all under control ‘til I started getting behind on work two days ago. Because I started getting tired. Because I started going to bed later. Because I was trying to get everything done.

(If you’re really into grammar and sentence structure and all of that please forgive me. My eyes are blurry and my head hurts.)

So, you see, I should have taken the week off from work. You know, scheduled a few posts and slipped in some paid ones when I could. As it stands now I have two late assignments and others pending.

Did I already say I should have taken the week off?

Okay, gotta run to shower and get dressed so I can pick the two middle kids up from school early for their big sister to care for so I can get on the road.

Well, I am looking forward to munching on some of my goodies that I got from 1800Baskets. Now that’s one of the highlights for the week I’ll have to tell you about later.

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