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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vehicle modification/equipment for persons with disabilities

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Not too long ago I was waiting for the valet at the veteran’s hospital to bring my minivan around when I saw an older couple getting into their van. The husband was in an electric wheelchair and his wife got in behind the wheel of their minivan.

Before I even realized what had happened, she had pushed a button that lowered the van and put down a wheelchair lift, which he then rolled onto. The wheelchair lift rose and he maneuvered into place in the right front passenger area. He reached up and pushed a button and the door smoothly slid close after the wheelchair lift was stored. The vehicle then returned to its normal height.

Had I passed that van on the street I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything different. I was really impressed at the ease in which it accommodated him and his wife, and could only imagine where they had to go to get what I thought of as a “customized.”

And just today I because aware of NMEDA, which is a non-profit trade association that educates consumers on buying products from a NMEDA qualified dealer. This association promotes safe driving and equipment for the disabled. Members  (are the ones that sell handicap vans and vehicle modifications) of this association are required to adhere to the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Believe it or not there are adapted vehicles sold over the Internet and through catalogs, but NMEDA warns against purchasing these as no two people with a disability are alike. A NMEDA dealer will do a personalized “in person” evaluation.

If this is a service that would be beneficial to you or a loved one, it’s easy enough to find a dealer near you. Go to and put in your zip code to find the dealer closest to you. I put in mind and there are three NMEDA dealers within a 40-mile radius. Why don’t you do the same thing and then leave a comment letting me know the closest dealer to you?

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA
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