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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Testing L’Oreal® micro-pulse™ technology – product review

Have you heard about L’Oreal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ Eye? I first saw it on a television commercial and wondered if it worked. Well, thanks to  BzzAgent, which I’m a member of, I am reviewing the product. This is especially exciting to me because as most of you know I’m addicted to skincare products.

Here’s a bit of information from the brochure about the product, which is the first to market the micro-pulse technology:

“… L’Oreal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ Eye is the next generation Eye Treatment that effectively reduces dark circles, wrinkles and puffy bags. The results are brighter, smoother eyes. … this first-of-its-kind total eye correction system with a Micro-Pulse massager, featuring an innovative micro-pulsing technology unlike anything you’ve tried before. It’s a combination of a unique and potent cream with Erasyl to help diminish dark circles and Collagen to help smooth away wrinkles with a ground breaking micro-pulse massager to minimize eye puffiness.”

This is definitely a product like none other that I’ve tried especially given the micro-pulse technology. The results that it’s reputed to give are immediate reduction of crow’s feet and eye bags and in four weeks crow’s feet will appear reduced, dark circles will appear minimized and eye bags will appear visibly diminished.

It’s easy to use: All I have to do is dot the cream under my eyes then turn the micro-pulse massager on holding it in about five different spots for about two seconds each. Then I sweep the massager from middle of eye to inner eye and from middle of eye to outer eye for about 10 seconds on each eye and I’m done. The entire process takes about two minutes – if that long – twice per day.

Now let’s see what my photographic evidence shows. (Sidebar: All of my lovely blogger friends never see the dark circles and wrinkles that I see. It is there just not as pronounced as I think it is, I guess.)

Here are my eyes before using the L’Oreal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ Eye on June 27 (I could have sworn it was just two weeks ago, but I see it’s been more than a month). Do you see the dark circles and slight puffiness?


I applied it later that day (I didn’t get it applied near as pretty as they do on the commercial)…


The following two were taken on the same day a little while after I used the product. (Sorry for the blurriness.) Can you see a difference yet? Although puffiness is not normally a major problem of mine, I can see a slight difference in that area compared to the first picture.







The next one is also the same day.

DSCF5087The next three are today (more than 30 days after I started using it) and I’ve only used the product once thus far. When I took the first one I had the flash on and I thought, “Wow, there is a difference in the dark circles. They don’t look as dark.”


So I decided to turn off the flash and see if it’s true and, to me, it looks like my dark circles have been diminished. What do you think? I’m going to keep using it to see if there’s a marked difference by the time I run out of the L’Oreal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ Eye.

DSCF5090 DSCF5092     Thus far I’m pleased with this L’Oreal product. I’m not really surprised because – in general – I like the brand.

Other facts you may find interesting:

  1. It’s ophthalmologist and dermatologist safety tested
  2. It features a non-greasy, fragrance-free formula (true! It goes on very smoothly)
  3. As of July 1st, it can be found in all major drug stores, supermarkets and big box stores for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Have you tried it yet? If not, do you plan to? What do you think about it so far? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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