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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Televisions in bedroom

For the majority of my life I’ve never want a television in my room. Wait, let me amend that. As a teenager, I had a television in my room (it was a black and white set and I remember programming the Commodore 64 that I hooked to it one Christmas) and when I was a single adult I had a television in my room sometimes. But, for the most part, I’ve kept television watching to the living room and have allowed my children to have them in their room – without cable access – to watch movies on.

After doing some reading in women’s magazines and marriage websites that talked about keys to fostering a healthy relationship I decided it would be best not to have a television in the master bedroom because it should be a sanctuary for sleep or a playground for lovemaking.

I still believe the same thing… sort of. Since RP and I have been together we’ve used my laptop to watch movies on before bedtime and I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have 50 inch tv mounted on the wall for our viewing pleasure. Well, maybe it doesn't have to be that large, but it’d be nice to snuggle and enjoy a movie we both want to watch while relaxing in bed.

Can you imagine having a 50 inch plasma tv on your bedroom wall? Do you have one in your bedroom? If so, how often do you watch it and what type is it?

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