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Friday, August 6, 2010

Slow down, mom, don’t panic!

This morning I awoke to the best feeling ever: I was able to sleep/lounge until 9 a.m. Last night I had the bright idea that since school would be starting for the younger kids next week that I really needed a little more rest before then. (One: Because my teen is going back to college at the end of next week, and Two: Because I’ll go from rising from 6:30 to 7 a.m. to being jolted out of sleep by an angry alarm at 5:30.) So, I asked Amber, the teen, to get up with her three younger siblings this morning and get them to daycare by 9 a.m.

She agreed because, for one, she hadn’t planned on sleeping in because of plans with her BFF. Cool, I thought, and added that if she could keep them from waking me or bothering me then that would be even better. I awoke briefly when my BF heard the kids and inquired as to why I was still laying down and there was so much activity “out there.”

“Amber,” I mumbled. And we went back to sleep.

Around a little after 9 I stretched and got out of bed, threw on a sarong, took care of my bathroom business and shuffled into the kitchen. I cleaned up the breakfast remnants that the kids left (they must have been in a hurry) and munched on some grapes. I put my coffee water on to boil, threw some bread into the toaster and wandered to look out of the front window.

The van was in the driveway. I scrunched my face – perplexed.

I went back to Amber’s room and looked inside. She wasn’t there. I went back to the window thinking that maybe she had just pulled up and was sitting in the van. She wasn’t.


No answer.

A little wave of panic went through my heart as my mind raced trying to figure out where she could be if the van was in the driveway. I saw my keys hanging in their spot so that meant she had been in the house…

Oh… suddenly realization dawned as I recalled what she said last night.

“I’m supposed to be going somewhere with Doneshia tomorrow morning.”

me and amber summer 2010 Just to comfort myself, I called her and was relieved to hear her voice. I explained to her what had happened. She chucked and I told her, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

In my head I thought, “It was like Without a Trace.” … “I don’t know, officer, she must have came back from taking the kids then she just disappeared…”

Yea… I’m back.

Even though it’s a little funny it is definitely a scary thought to think one of your children is missing.

How’s the rest of the day been going? Nicely uneventful, thank you.



  1. I hate that feeling! I have it often as a paranoid overprotective mom lol!

  2. Whew, I'm glad that worked out! You really have to be careful these days.

  3. That is a terrifying feeling! Last year my daughter got out of my site in seconds and thought it was probably just a minute span before I found her, it felt like forever.

  4. I can only imagine the panic that sat in. Thankfully everything is okay. That was sweet of her to take the kids to daycare for yoU!

  5. I love your Blog so much I gave you an Award at

  6. I hate that feeling. My kiddos are still little, and there has been a time or two that I have turned around and not seen them (usually because they are hidden by a big bag or something. Terrifies me every single time. A feeling you can't explain. I am glad she is okay.

  7. You needed sleep to keep up with your spider.


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