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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Searching for quality bedroom furniture

In the attempt to get my home to a comfortable, well-decorated and organized state, I’ve been “screen shopping” (window shopping online) for furniture pieces for my children. All four of my children need new beds. The three younger ones are still in toddler beds and two of them, ages 5 and 6, have limbs hanging over the sides during the night. Luckily they’re petite children so they haven’t gotten too long as of yet, but there’s only about an inch of space left.

It’d be nice to get the three girls white bedroom furniture. (That link goes to an established company in the UK that sells absolutely beautiful furniture.) I think that white wood is a universal look for all girls in every age range. Unfortunately, my 19-year-old daughter shares a room with her two younger sisters when she’s at home. I’d like a daybed for her and two twin beds or a full-size bed with a trundle. Whatever I choose it has to be affordable, stylish and well made.

I’m going to keep looking and do a lot of research so I can ensure I get the best deal. Do you know of any U.S.-based retailers that sell quality and inexpensive bedroom furniture?

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