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Sunday, August 15, 2010

School uniforms for the kids

This is the first year I’ve had two children (Andre and Amareah) needing school uniforms and I’ve found that providing and purchasing them isn’t necessarily cheaper than buying mainstream children’s clothing. With that in mind, I’m still interested in finding the best deals I can on school uniforms.

To stock up on school uniforms, I have to be a little creative and shop at different stores or stalk the sales. One of the places I’ve found that has an excellent sale on school uniforms is the Children’s Place. Not only do they have adorable regular children’s clothing, but they have a complete line of uniforms for boys and girls along with accessories I haven’t seen elsewhere.

I’m definitely going to shop while there is a Children’s Place sale going on because I have to save every cent I can. What about you? Is there a particular back-to-school items you’re saving money on?

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