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Thursday, August 19, 2010

PTA tattles and tells

Tonight was the first PTA meeting at my two middle children’s elementary school. I’ve been trying to prep myself to become as involved at the elementary school as I was at their head start so even though I didn’t feel like going I’m feeling quite accomplished for pushing through and going anyway.

The tattle: Imagine my dismay when I get there and see only about 20 or so parents. As a matter of fact, Andre was the only one that showed up from his class and I don’t think there was anyone from Amareah’s class (including her MIA teacher). It’s pretty disappointing for the first meeting of the school year. And, I hate to say it, if someone had said the children were going to perform the place would have been standing room only.

ATTENTION PARENTS: Don’t complain about the school if you aren’t going to participate.

The tell: I filled out my volunteer form and turned it in. I grabbed and filled out a PTA member application, which I’ll send to school tomorrow with the fee. And I’ll try not to complain about the rude mother who kept interrupting while I was asking the Girl Scouts rep some questions. She, for some reason, felt as if her questions (that she seemed to already have the answers to) were more important. 

So, there ya have it. My tattle tells. Now, if I was going to tell a tall tale I would have said these are my tattle tales! LOL… Ut oh, it appears as if this long day has gotten to my brain. I’m off to look at the PTA schedule and put some of the events on my calendar. I’m sure I’ll have more tells … and tales… soon.

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