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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Plus and minus – Part 2

It’s a girl!

Last week, in Part 1 of Plus and minus, I told you about some recent changes that are going on: The organization of my office. The cancellation of a contract. And working on making my business and life conducive to the life I want to live. This has come about through some business and personal coaching that I’m doing with a long-time friend/colleague/client Rick Sherrell.

One of the things we discussed last week is my desire to work on my dream of making jewelry and selling it. Right now I mostly make jewelry for my own use and enjoyment, and I recently made a piece for my daughter’s 19th birthday. (Sidebar: It was one of her 19 days of gifts that’ll I’ll have to tell you about at a later date.)

I’m really pleased with how the set turned out. I call her The Prudence Set.



I can’t take full credit for the bracelet because I left the pattern of the beads and adornments as they came. I liked the pattern and design. I shortened it to fit Amber’s wrist and added the toggle clasp. The only thing I need to get a little better at is considering and determining length before I get started. The necklace looks fabulous on her, but the top square adornments hit right at the base of her neck and I would have liked them to be down some maybe to her collarbone.


If you recall, quite some time ago I mentioned to you and asked your advice about making jewelry. Here’s the link to that post to jolt your memory.

And, not too long ago, I told you about the one piece I made that I’m talking myself into sure I’m going to sell. Her name is Abby. Funny how the name of my first piece to sell begins with the letter ‘A’ just like my children’s names.


Now, one of the things Rick and I discussed was avenues (and customers!) in which I can test my jewelry-making skills on. I won’t reveal what that is right now, but I am really excited to have some initial “orders.” Everything I make will be one-of-a-kind because I want this process to be somewhat spontaneous, extremely creative and – overall – magnificently enjoyable. When I was making Prudence, I walked pass the supplies and the pendant a million times. I sat and stared at it. I touched it and rearranged beads… originally I had planned on it being beaded and not in chain… and tried to put myself into Amber’s mindset about what she really likes and feels when it comes to accessories.

And I hit the nail on the head.

Like I told you in last week’s post; it’s all about change and enjoyment. I’m confident that I’m on my way to doing exactly that. (And they say Virgos are resistant to change! LOL – It’s true.)

I’m anxious to hear what you think about the jewelry I’ve made, and any suggestions you have for me. Thank you…

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