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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pleasures of new friends

A few days ago I shared with you about the No-Go BlogHer Blog Hop. Through that I’ve been meeting a lot of new friends and reading their creative and interesting blogs. There are definitely some fascinating, beautiful people to get to know.

There are many I could mention here, but today I just want to share what a new friend has done. Ellie, of Book Blab for KIDS!, has given me an award.

versatile blogger award

This is particularly special to me because it’s from a new friend, it’s the first award I’ve received in forever and I think it fits me. After posting this I realized I think I’m supposed to reveal seven things about myself. Is it seven or 10? IDK…

  1. I’m addicted to magazines and books.
  2. I’m addicted to chocolate.
  3. I’m addicted to my BF.
  4. I’m addicted to coffee.
  5. I’m addicted to my laptop.
  6. I’m addicted… no, I just kidding. No more addictions: I like action-filled, murder, suspense-type movies.
  7. My favorite color is red.

Not that exciting, but parts of me nonetheless. Now for a little sharing – my choices for this award are:

There are so many other deserving blog friends. Just because you aren’t listed here doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re extra, super-dee-duper fabulicious!

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