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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My grandson’s art class exhibition

Guest post written by Heidi Nieson

Most afternoons I keep my grandson and granddaughter when they come home from school so my daughter can save on babysitting fees and I get to spend more time with them.

Those caretaking duties often include taking and picking them up from art, ballet and piano lessons. My grandson has been taking art lessons for about three years now and he’s an excellent drawer so I was really excited to see his work in an art gallery the teacher had arranged for the students and their families.

I had noticed that I was getting a little hard of hearing but wanted to be able to talk well with other family members of the other art students so I scheduled a hearing test a few weeks beforehand.

After that verified that I did need a hearing aid, I looked at some hearing aid reviews, picked one out and got fitted with it before the class’s exhibition.

My grandson’s art was so impressive and they even had it matted to look like professional work! I was kidding around and asked him if someone had already bought a watercolor landscape he painted but he told me that he would give it to me just for being his grandma!

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