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Monday, July 19, 2010

Using the right cook top cleaner

The glass and ceramic smooth top ranges are really popular due to their convenience and beauty, but what some consumers do not realize is that in order to maintain that appearance over the long haul the right cook top cleaner must be used. Those smooth surfaces have to be cleaned regularly and there are certain cleaners, including Weiman Glass Cool Top® Cleaner, which are specifically formulated for those types of ranges. The Weiman cleaner removes food that has dried or been burned on the cook top and it will not mar the pristine surface.

When used regularly, the right cook top cleaner keeps your range looking brand new and beautiful and, believe it or not, it can help older ranges to renew their lost beauty. And, as an additional precaution, be sure to use the right scrubbing pads so you don’t scratch the surface of the cook top. Using the right pad and cleaner also reduces the amount of hard scrubbing that’s needed.

Although I’d love to, I don’t have one of the smooth cook top stoves yet. Do you have one? If so, take a moment to share what cleaners you have used on it, what worked and what didn’t.
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