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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Picture-less Wednesday & procrastination

On most Wednesdays I like to post a Wordless Wednesday picture, but it doesn’t always happen. There are a few reasons why it doesn’t happen:

  1. I forget, which can be funny especially when I have a picture waiting.
  2. I don’t have a picture I’ve deemed worthy.
  3. The day gets away from me and I run out of time.

bloginafield So today I’ve been considering what to do about that. How can I ensure I always have a picture ready and posted? (These solutions can actually apply to any type of post.)

  • Be on the lookout for picturesque moments/things. That means ensuring I have my camera with me so that when something presents itself I’m ready to click away. When a post idea comes to me I need to have my phone – for voice memos – or a pen and paper handle for notes.
  • Use the scheduling function in this program, Windows Live Writer. As soon as I take a picture and I want to use it for WW then I can upload it, compose the post and schedule it for the time and date I want. Again, I can do the same thing with posts. If I’m finished reviewing a product and I’m between assignments/tasks with a little extra time to spare, I can bang out the review (or whatever!) schedule it for the date and time it should go live and cross my ankles and take a break move onto the next task.

Now those plans don’t solve the problem of my procrastinating (everyone likes to goof off), but at least it’s half the problem to getting things done. Maybe those two tips will help you as well. Do you have any ideas or tips that you use to get posts completed quickly and efficiently.

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