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Friday, July 16, 2010

My apologies

Those who know me fairly well may see a little disconnect here and there with my writing, posts, my comments and my visits. My mind seems to be on a little vacation on the outskirts of Worryland. It’s where I spend a lot of time not worrying and trying to come up with solutions to take the almost worry away.

The outskirts, I’ll call them Thoughtsville, are adjacent to Sadden Town, Pissed Place and Muddy Meadow. The good news is that if I get through those little towns, they’re all surrounded by Creative Centre, Big Deal Mountain and Peaceful Peninsula. I’m wading, at least, and not sinking. It’s just a fight against emotions and work, family and life, balance and disharmony…

One of the main problems is the amount of work I’ve put into some personal paperwork and providing everything that several organizations require and STILL I am left hanging. If I hadn’t of opened my mail, processed my paperwork or followed through then I would have no reason to be a little miffed. Then I could take complete responsibility for what’s lacking. But when others have control over certain aspects of your life – of my life – it makes for a very uncomfortable position. A position that I’ve tired of being in.

The solution, believe it or not, is to make more money. Although money doesn’t buy happiness; it does provide independence, a measure of peace and accomplishment. So, if I seem to be a little MIA – mentally and physically – know that I’m here cranking away trying to keep the money flowing and the brain working while avoiding Worryland, Sadden Town, Pissed Place and Muddy Meadow. They aren’t places I’d like to go on vacation to so I gotta make things happen. With.the.quickness.

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