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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mail stalker

I guess that’s what you can call me. I stalk my mail. Not in a way that I’m peering out of my window waiting for the mail carrier (well, I only do that sometimes), but in a way that I watch what he puts in the mailbox to determine whether it’s worth my time and effort to actually walk out of the door, down the driveway (in the sun), open the little door, reach my hand into the dark abyss and pull out what’s lurking inside.

If I open the little door and there are a bunch of flat small envelopes then I’m normally disappointed. I mean who wants a bill or just a plain ole coupon? Ahem, okay I’ll take the coupon, but you know what I mean.

This week has been a fairly good mail week. Among the books that came for review I got a bracelet, a t-shirt in my favorite color (RED!) and a few samples. Now the bracelet, which didn’t fit, is gorgeous and I gave it to my teenager (*I also don’t remember where I won it, but when I find out you’ll be the second to know). The tee is from Kenneth Cole to raise aWEARness. I was able to pick the color of the tee and the words as well as choose from the different designs. I can’t wait to wear it, but until then here are a couple of sneak peeks.


Doesn’t that look darling on Amber?

She has the daintiest little, ladylike wrist ever.

My shirt says, “Are you listening or just waiting to talk?” –Kenneth Cole


That’s perfect for me. Perfect saying and perfect color.

How’s your mail looking this week? I can’t wait to get a dress I ordered from Chadwick’s for $4.99. I hope it looks as cute as it did online and that something fun comes tomorrow. :-)

*Update: I found out where the bracelet came from. I won it from a giveaway at Pajama Mommy Community. Cool, huh?

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