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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The good, bad & sweaty!

On Friday I somehow stumbled upon the American Cancer Society’s Choose You site where I signed up to commit to exercising regularly (three times each week) for the next 12 weeks. If I don’t meet my commitment and report on each Friday then I’ll be charged $5 per week. The money will go toward the American Cancer Society, which is terrific, but I need to keep this commitment so that I can keep my money.

One of the things I like about the site is that I can ask friends to support me by sending me emails to remind me to exercise or putting an encouraging message on my Facebook wall. It’s a good way to also hold myself accountable in addition to writing these regular health and weight loss journals. If you’d like to visit my Choose You page and see what’s going on; I would love for you to come by on Friday when I submit my first report. Or stop by my page whenever you can and leave me a message.

My advice to those who are also making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle – whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, exercising, etc. – is to find someone who can hold you accountable. I don’t have an individual in my life to workout with or to get me off of my lazy butt so I’m adding the Choose You to see if that will make a difference.

DSCF4929 So far, I’ve exercise once this week and that was today. Almost 40 minutes of walking. That’s good, right? It was only 78 degrees – according to the thermometer in my van – but the heat index must have been off the charts ‘cause I was sweating like an ice cube sitting in the sun. This whole sweating thing is a relatively new development for me. I spent more than 1/2 of my life barely sweating and I’m definitely making up for it. That, to me, is bad. Well, I guess it’s bad-ish. At least my body is cooling itself because before I always felt overheated and I’m assuming I’m releasing some toxins. So it’s just a gross factor for me right now.

I haven’t lost any weight the last two weeks, but I haven’t gained any either (that’s good!). I’m still 175 like I told you the last time I wrote a health and weight loss journal post. I would like to weigh less, but I’m happy that I haven’t gained any. The key is to be consistent with my caloric intake and my exercise and movement. Piece of cake tofu, right?

How are your weight loss and exercise goals coming along?

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