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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fantasy Jewelry Box, Earlums & more – reviews & reveals

I’ve told you many times about my addiction to skincare products, but what you may not know is that I also have a thing for jewelry. I think I’m just now realizing how big of an obsession or addiction it really is. I think it started when I was a senior in high school and got my first credit card: It was for Kay Jewelers. Back then it was easy to charge up a couple of hundred dollars and pay it off by the end of the month because I was working and only had myself to be concerned with. Well, things changed rather quickly when I had my first child in 1991 and the obsession simply went a little dormant.

The life of a blogger can re-ignite all kinds of things. I mean, you guys are wonderfully talented and generous. You hold giveaways and make jewelry, and the more I looked around the blogosphere the more my palms started to itch to continue to fill my jewelry box. So I started entering jewelry giveaways.

As I searched my blog looking for the post I’m sure I wrote about the Twillypop necklaces I won from Diane Estrella’s blog back in early December, I realized that I’ve written about jewelry quite a bit. (I still can’t find that post.) Sara, Twillypop lady, is an extremely talented and unique artist. She describes her jewelry as “a line of fun, functional, affordable, trendy at times, timeless at others, line of necklaces.”

Please excuse the photo quality.

This is how my Twillypop swag arrived. Aren’t they adorable? I won two and the one you see in the third picture I gave to my teenager for Christmas. See how Sara has it so perfectly spiraled into the box? I’ve tried tons of times and can’t get mine to do that…




This one, below, is mine. I keep it in the little round box ‘cause I love it so much. (Excuse the photo quality.) I like the uniqueness of the Twillypop necklaces and think they’re very girly. You can wear it as a long necklace with the ribbon streaming down a little in the back or tie it in a bow, or you can wrap it around twice for a short necklace or choker. I’ve recently discovered that it can serve as a beautiful belt as well as a stacked-look bracelet.

I already told you about the gorgeous bracelet I won from Pajama Mommy Community, I gave that one to my daughter as well although I really wanted to keep it. :D … It was a little small for my wrist. Isn’t it gorgeous? As soon as I saw it I immediately fell in love with the copper look with the dangling copper-colored and clear beads. I’m really partial to jewelry that has a charm bracelet like feel to them. This little lovely was made by Geniene.

I saw it laying on her shelf the other day and I started to swipe it. I’m kidding… really. 

About a few weeks ago, I found out that I won the Fantasy Jewelry Box giveaway from SkinnyPurse. If you haven’t visited the Fantasy Jewelry Box then you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve been stalking them – and any blog hosting a giveaway from them – for the longest time. Here’s the beauty that I chose (the prize was a $35 gift card): Princess Cut Garnet CZ Estate Ring.

fantasy jewelry box ring

Here’s a peek at it on my hand. I really love it and can wear it on three different fingers, which makes it extremely versatile.


It came beautifully packaged in a silver ribboned, pink box:


butterfly ring
The Fantasy Jewelry Box has celebrity inspired jewelry including Mariah’s Silver Imitation Diamond Butterfly Ring that I’d like to get for my teenager. (She loves butterflies.) They have something for everyone and that’s what I like about them.

Another one of my favorite accessories is my Earlums ear jewelry that I am privileged to review. As soon as I saw these featured on someone else’s blog (I think it was Pajama Mommy) I immediately went to her Etsy site and blog to learn more about them. Earlums are beautiful ear cuffs and ear jewelry where no piercing is needed. This was especially of interest to me because years ago I had keloids removed from my ears and could no longer wear pierced earrings. (Update, October 2016: I got my ears pierced again!) The same thing, unfortunately, happened to my oldest daughter. When I contacted Lumi about reviewing them she generously said yes and sent them over straight away.

They each arrived on the cute little cards, which explain Earlums on the back, and under each card was a “surprise” ear cuffs. She also sent a couple of temporary tattoos, which I am more than excited to test out. (Don’t ask.)


Red, which I’ve told you a hundred times, is my favorite color so I chose this one. The blue one has a center gem, which definitely adds a little extra accent. I love them both and will be stealing the blue one back from my daughter. I’ll let her keep the ear cuff (the one above left) that she chose.

The quality and details put into these little jewelry pieces make wearing them more pleasurable. Although the braids close to my ears kept brushing it, Earlums is comfortable to wear. I had the one above on all day and forgot about it until the day was over.

Finally, I thought you may doubt my actual jewelry addiction and think I just wrote this to tell you about the giveaways that I’ve won and the review, but you’d be wrong. To prove my point, I am – with my head a little bowed at the messiness – revealing my jewelry box to you. Don’t judge me…


I received the jewelry box on a Mother’s Day (or was it Christmas?) about six years ago. Below is what’s in the bottom drawer. There’s quite a bit in there that you can’t see.


Here it is from the front with the doors opened wide. I realized today that it’s getting a little crowded in there. You’ll notice that everything isn’t all fancy-schmancy, but I love every piece for different reasons. (A charm bracelet that I won on Carrie’s Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews blog from The Charm Factory is high on my favorites list. It has blue sapphire hearts daintily dangling from it.)


I took the four drawers out so you can get a peek inside. The drawer on the bottom left holds brooches that belonged to me when I was a child (remember when “breast pins” were really in?) and my mother wore them before they were passed down to me. I was dismayed recently to see that one of the ruby eyes on one of the poodles is missing.


This is actually a candle holder (up-purposed!) that I store my silver bangles in. It sits on top of the jewelry box.
I was thinking that maybe I should get a larger one or maybe another one; I don’t know. It isn’t that important, but it sure is fun to think about. Where do you store your jewelry? And what’s your favorite piece?

Disclosure: I did not receive any payment to brag about these fabulous blogs and companies. Winning the items did not influence my opinion and the opinions expressed are my own. Thanks to Lumi at Earlums for providing the ear jewelry for review. My complete disclosure policy is a click away.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! So glad you guys love them as much as I do. Quite the jewelry haul there!!! :O)

  2. Thanks so much, Petula!!! This is honestly the sweetest review of my necklaces EVER!!!!! & Now I have some ideas of other AWESOME stuff to check out. Thanks again, you are toooooo good to me :)


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