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Friday, July 2, 2010

An evening of learning fun

Today I talked to my good friend Kellie (the wonderful owner of Little Feet Childcare where my children go) about my children and their summertime learning. So, this evening – and I’m so proud to share – that I picked them up a little early today and after dinner had them work on their handwriting (for the 5 and 6 year old) and shape recognition (for the 3 year old) as well as letter recognition, phonics, etc., for everyone.

After they did a little work they had a little downtime for coloring. I thought you would enjoy getting a glimpse at us (mainly them) all spread out on the floor in the office.

Anna refused to switch from a workbook to a coloring book ‘til later so this is her violating the workbook…


Andre really likes coloring and drawing (way more than handwriting and reading – LOL) so his transformer pictures was wonderfully detailed with reds, greens and black.


Amareah saw me taking the picture and gave a sly little cute smile as she busily worked on her Holly Hobby picture.

Amber was hanging out with us as well. She was reading her book, but put it down to rest her eyes because of a headache. I’m sure her headache was made worse by our yelling and talking loudly. She’s reading some of the old V.C. Andrews’ books and now she’s on Web of Dreams.

DSCF4809After that we talked about letters, words and their meanings. A good, impromptu albeit loud and disorganized learning session.

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