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Friday, July 30, 2010

A child’s trust

Yesterday the children and I were waiting for RP to come home from work, which allowed for time for Anna and I to have an impromptu conversation and play session. Ever since she was really tiny I’ve stood her on my legs. Before she could balance herself I would hold her hips. As she got bigger and stronger I’d hold her hands, her calves and eventually she started saying, “I can stand by myself.”

So, she often likes to climb onto my lap and stand. After a little balancing, a lot of giggling and me pretending that I was going to dump her off of my lap, I took her hands and she started to lean backwards.


She’d lean back and I’d pull her back up. She’d lean, I’d pull. She did that about 20 times and despite my aching biceps I realized that she has complete and total trust in me. Of course, that realization led to me wanting to share it with you and I yelled for Amber to bring a camera.


It’s sad how adults hurt children who give their complete love and trust to us. Anna had pure joy with spending those few minutes with me to play and live her life on the edge. LOL… She trusted me enough to hang her upside down with her little head inches from the floor. She didn’t cry or scream, and she wasn’t worried.


To have that type of true childhood love, trust and freedom must be a liberating and relaxing feeling. I’m happy to be able to enjoy that moment with her and, on the other hand, my heart aches for children who have been hurt by adults they trusted.

Take a moment before bedtime tonight to have a little tickle-fest, a snuggle or some other little thing you like to do with your children. I think Anna and I will play patty cake again tonight. After her rollercoaster ride last night, she said, “Mommy, let’s play patty cake.” As we were playing she started to cover her tummy and grin really widely.

“You remember when I played this with you when you were little,” I asked.

She nodded and waited…

“Roll ‘em up, roll ‘em up and put ‘em in the pan,” I sang as my fingers zeroed in to tickle her tummy. She fell to the floor with laughter. Oh, the joy in that sound.

Have a lovely weekend.

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