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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Checking in

Thursday updates on ticket, Twitter and tired…

Please forgive this moment of true randomness. I have been so tired lately that any true work or writing has gone unaccomplished except for one assignment that I pushed myself through today. I’m not even going to think about how behind I am on email.

I had a doctor’s appointment at the VA hospital today and the doc is thinking the exhaustion may be due to some medications mishaps and changes. She switched around some dosages and I may start taking one med (two tabs) I take during the day at night. My BF thinks it’s from almost three days worth of braiding my hair (I’ll have to give you that update later in my Hair Diary). And I’m thinking it may just be stress. Between not getting nearly enough all-night sleep and rest there are quite a bit of personal/financial issues that are being addressed. Although I think I’ve been handling things semi well my body will always tell the true story. So as I experience the pain, soreness, yawning, exhaustion and naps (YUP, with an ‘s’) … I … hmmm, I have no idea what I was about to say. Oh well, guess it wasn’t important.

An-t-way, the doctor said I need to get at least eight to 10 hours of sleep every night. Who in the world can go to bed that early? Just to get eight hours of sleep I would have to go to bed around 10 o’clock in the summer and around 9 during the school year. What about the quiet time after the kids go to bed? Well, I guess I should say go to sleep ‘cause they can go to bed at 8 and keep me fussing and up & down with them for hours or minutes – usually hours.

I’m not even going to go into detail about trying to spend time with my sweetie who doesn’t get off of work ‘til 11 or after right now. Going to bed that early means we don’t get to spend that much time together and it also mean interrupted sleep. He wakes me up, Anna wakes me up because she – for some reason – can’t just go to the bathroom by herself at night she HAS to have ME to accompany her. And Amareah wakes me up with her screaming, fighting and talking in her sleep along with her occasional nighttime awakenings where she’ll lay in front of my door like a lost puppy ‘til I stumble out of my room

Eight hours of sleep, huh? SIGH.

I got a ticket on the way to the VA hospital for doing 55 in a 40. Stupid motorcycle cop. Yup, gonna blame him. He didn’t even have any sympathy after I told him I was late for my appointment at the VA hospital. Hello? Veteran here. What happened to those perks/passes?

I’m loving TweetDeck. It’s like participating in hundreds of people’s lives and activities all at once. It can be addicting, but sometimes I have a pretty good handle on my addiction.

Uh… the end?

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