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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A camping we should go…

a camping we should go…

high ho cherry-o.

a camping we should go…

Notice I said “should.” That’s because I’ve never been camping. I’ve jealously read different blogs about the family vacationing that’s going on. Some people have already went on their adventures and some are still planning, but it seems like everyone I “know” is doing something. And quite a few people have chosen camping.

I’m not quite sure why I’ve never been, but I have a few ideas. My father, who was a mighty outdoorsman, passed away when I was about 10 years old so some of the things I think I would have learned from him went untaught. For instance, I just knew I would go fishing with him, but we never got a chance to do that. The same goes for camping.

The first time I went to an away camp for the summer, we slept in bunk beds in cabins that were somewhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I believe. I did not enjoy the freezing cold nights or the one night we spent out in the “wilderness.” (A bunch of kids huddled in sleeping bags on a concrete pavilion.)

As I got older and saw different advertisements for camping, it just looked a little too expensive and involved for my taste. Thus, my next excuse, is I don’t know how to plan a camping trip. And, finally, it’s too expensive.

house boat Where, like anything, if you look for a good deal you’ll find it and it’s no different with camping or any similar outing. A lot of people go on boating holidays and enjoy themselves immensely. Those things are all things that I want to experience, I just figured out that I don’t want to have to do the planning. So, if you have an extra tent with all the fixings, a spot in your van, car or truck and a little extra patience; will you adopt me? Then I can go with you on your next camping or boating adventure. :-)

Have you ever been camping or on a boating holiday? If so, what’s your opinion of such vacations.


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  1. You HAVE to go camping some time. I just started camping this year and I love it. Where else can you enjoy nature, a campfire and share breakfast with the birds?


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