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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work, home & sick children

Even though this past weekend was a long weekend I still looked forward to spending a day at home working and whatnot without my three younger children who spent the weekend with their father. We had discussed him taking them right to daycare today, which would give me an entire workday.

DSCF4566When he called and texted on Monday to tell me how two of the children were feeling (Anna got hers from Amareah who was sick last week) and Andre has an entirely different illness. A nice viral one that’s making him feverish, headachy and reject anything that is in his stomach (know what I mean?).

So here I still at my desk trying to concentrate on where the heck I’m going to get about $500, which I need today; begin finishing up a client’s project, which I’m already late with; write a few paid posts, client posts, work on projects, do some paperwork, make phone calls; and take care of the sick children.

DSCF4568 Speaking of the sick children: Anna is on the mend ‘cause she’s being as … uh, annoying busy as usual. Andre, on the other hand, is most likely a few minutes from being taken to the emergency room. Although I write this fairly calmly, I have my eyes on the clock. Five minutes ago I took his temperature and it was 104 degrees! Now, if that were Anna I would have already rushed out of the door. For an almost 7 year old, he has about 15 minutes ‘til I see if the medicine is going to make a difference. If not or if it shoots back up to 104 then we’ll be on our way.

DSCF4567Most frustrating about this is the fact that they went to the doctor this morning. I asked their dad what the doctor said about Andre. He said that she said he has some sort of viral infection. What else did he say? Nothing, he says. No instructions? (Insert raised eyebrow and frown here.)

So I called him to get more info on what the doctor said about him (Anna has been referred to an ENT ‘cause this is like the sixth time she’s had an ear infection this year) and let him know what’s going on.

You can imagine how my heart is racing, but I’m not a panicky type mom. I think rationally and do what’s necessary.

Okay, temp is down to 103.7… I’ll check it again in 15 minutes and call the pediatrician’s office when the open again from lunch at 2 p.m. Whew! This has been a rough week. Oh, it’s only Tuesday, isn’t it?

Well, how’s the week going for you?

I’m off to take his temperature again…

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